How to spot a woman looking for fun

Women are not that difficult to assess. It is easy to spot women who are ready for fun, if you know the signs.

If you want to meet a woman who wants to have fun, it is easy to spot among your many Melbourne escorts which lady is the one. Here are some signs that she might be interested in you and your idea of fun: 

She Asks You Questions 

A sign to look for is whether or not she’s asking you questions. If she is, it’s a good signal. If you’ve just met her and she asks how your day has been going, that could be a sign that she wants to know more about who you are and what makes you tick.

If she keeps asking about your interests, this could mean that she’s interested in learning more about you and does so for you to get closer. 

Women ask questions about family life, too. This could mean that she would like to be involved with you, especially if she asks if you are married or seeing someone. The getting-to-know stage does include an interview to know if you are a suitable mate. 

She Will Make Friends With Yours

If you’re out with a woman looking to hook up, she’ll try to make small talk with your buddies. She might ask them how they know or think of you. A woman who wants to be accepted by you will be pleasant with those around you.  

Suppose she’s interested in getting together again. If that is the case, she’ll definitely want to share contact information with your friends to be able to reach out to you. 

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Read Her Body Language

When she touches her hair, it may be a sign of nervousness but can also be a sign of attraction. Women that touch their hair do so to flirt. If you are interested in her and want to make the first move, touch her hair, too. 

When you’re talking to a woman, and she’s smiling, it’s a good sign. If she’s smiling while talking to you, it means she finds you attractive. Her smile also shows that she feels comfortable around you so she can be herself rather than trying too hard to impress.

A woman looking for fun will keep her body language open. She won’t be leaning against a wall or table, and she won’t cross her arms over her chest. If she’s standing tight and keeps her hands behind herself, it may mean she is trying to evade something. 

If she keeps turning away from you when you try talking to her, this could mean she doesn’t want your attention. Learn how to read people’s body language so that you have an idea of what they are feeling. 

You might have noticed that women often point their feet in the direction they want to go. That’s because it’s a subconscious signal. If she has her back turned toward you and her feet are pointed toward you, there’s a good chance she wants to talk with you. 

In Conclusion

You can tell a woman is looking for fun by the way she acts. If you are looking for excitement in your life, look for these signs, as it will make it much easier for you to know if someone is ready to have some fun.