Meet our owner, Blake Nash

Occasions Event Design is owned and operated by Blake Nash.  He has been serving the Dallas – Fort Worth area since 2013.  We wanted to share a little about him.


Photogrophy by Moments Pro Studio

What were you doing before Occasions?

I have always had a desire to help people! I just wanted to bring joy to them. I started working in a long term care facility at the age of 18.  Those residents brought so much joy to my life and I hope I brought a little to them.  I then went off to manage a 6 bed ICF MH/MR group home.  When I moved to Dallas in 2012, I worked for a home health care company.  I started officiating weddings on the weekend’s and well, the rest is history. This is what I am supposed to be doing!

First wedding in Dallas, Texas 2012 | Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Ryan

What about you surprises people?

Probably the fact that I am so young. Well, was.  I started my first business when I was 18.  I opened up a thrift store in Burkburnett. Well I guess technically that was my second business.  I also had a lawn service from the age of 12-15. At 23 I started Weddings By Blake, now known as Occasions Event Design.  I have always wanted to own my own business, which I think stemmed from my granny owning her own restaurant and my grandfather owning his own business!

Blake & his granny Jean at her restaurant Ranchers Cafe & Steakhouse, in Burkburnett, Texas

What makes Occasions different from other vendors?

That is a great question!  I think what sets us most apart from other vendors is our customer service.  We LOVE people.  We want to help them anyway we can. We are also very responsive.  We typically respond to calls and emails within minutes.  Planning a wedding can be very stressful and we do our best to get back with you asap.  Lastly, we don’t just think of our customers as customers. They become our friends & family.  We love staying in touch with past couples!

Maegan & Revin Wade on their wedding day 11/4/16 with Blake.  Photogrophy: Justin Yoder Studios

Why did you change the name from Weddings By Blake to Occasions Event Design?

After I was able to leave my full time job at the home health care company, I started getting more weddings than I could do alone.  I wanted to help as many couples as possible.  I started bringing on Officiants who had the same love for people and weddings as I did.  I then brought on Event Planning and Coordination.  It just seemed fitting that we change our name to represent what our company was evolving into.

What keeps you busy outside of weddings?

My family and dogs.  My partner Zach and I have 5 dogs!  Yes, 5!  We have 1 boy, Jasper and 4 girls, Gretchen, Sister, Roxie and Little Bit!  We were blessed when a friend’s dog had puppies in 2013!  We instantly chose Jasper!  When he was finally old enough for us to take, we went to pick him up and he was laying in a corner curled up with his sister.  Well, we had to take her too obviously! So we named her Gretchen!  In 2014 a friend posted online that she had found puppies under her porch, and they were rottweilers. We had to have one!  They brought her to us and she was covered in fleas and on the verge of death. We took her to the vet the next day and now she’s as healthy as can be!   In 2015 our friend needed us to watch her dog, Sister for a while.  Well we ended up falling in love with her and asked if we could keep her and they said yes!  Sister is actually Jasper & Gretchen’s birth mother. This past year (2016) I was working on a furniture project in the garage and I heard this fierce little bark!  I looked up and there was this dirtiest little dog I had ever seen!  Again, another dog sick and covered in fleas. I could tell she had been mistreated.  Now she is a sassy little brat!  So as you can imagine, 5 dogs take a lot of time and work but we love every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute. We also love spending time with our families & friends and binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day! 🙂

Maegan, Blake & Kara at the Goggin Wedding 2016 

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